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Removals to Spain

A place in the sun

A good number of Britons leave the UK every year and head towards many destinations abroad. Figures show that tens of thousands of Brits choose to spend the next years of their lives - even all they have left - someplace else. Their country of choice will of course depend on their goal, and there will be family and cultural factors that will have a weight on their decision. This is why the United States and Australia are the most common destinations for British expats: they can speak English, the countries’ economies are doing well, and there is even a chance there will be family there awaiting for them. Western European countries are also popular destination because of their prevalence in global economy as well as their geographical proximity to the United Kingdom.

Why do Britons leave the UK?

Education Work
Studying abroad is a great chance to make your resume shine and to become more competitive by acquiring knowledge that is usually not available in your country of origin. Graduate and postgraduate courses are offered in many universities for international students, and Britons sometimes choose to travel and relocate for a while oveseas while attending courses or post-degree education. Working abroad is another great way to build your career. There are many opportunities in different countries that can prepare you for bigger challenges, and you can also find in other places the position, or the remuneration, that isn’t currently available in the United Kingdom. Many Britons relocate to Europe because their positions are better paid there.
Retirement Family
Some Britons choose to spend their retirement abroad for many reasons. They want to enjoy a nice place with good climate and great people, but there is yet another advantage, which is that many countries are cheaper than the UK, so with the same retirement money you can have a much better life someplace else. Personal affairs can also lead Britons to relocate to another country. Some marry foreigners and move to their countries, or choose to raise their families in a place other than the United Kingdom.

Choosing Spain

p>Spain is one of the most favoured destinations for British expats. In spite of language and cultural barriers, this is a very welcoming country for relocation, be it temporary or permanent. It has many advantages and features that have been captivating British would be expats, as well as expats from other countries. 

There have been some worries about relocating to Spain, especially after its economy has suffered, with high unemployment figures and low national production. However, Spanish economy is recovering, and the IMF has even given it merit for its current growth. Forecasts on Spanish economy are even better than those of Germany and the United Kingdom. Another worry for Britons is the menace of Brexit, and some are concerned that they won’t be able to stay for long if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Yet this puts in evidence how happy many Britons are for living in Spain, because instead of coming back, they are looking for ways to stay, such as getting Spainsh citizenship or an Irish passport.

Reasons for moving to Spain

The money The people
Spain is great for retirement or living with a short wage because it happens to be cheaper than the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, living in Spain can be surprisingly economic, and property prices - either for purchase or rent - are very low compared to those of the UK, even in main cities. The Spanish people are by nature very friendly and nice to meet. They love to be social, they gather to share meals and activities and they are very open to foreigners. You are sure to have chances to make great friends and be welcomed in the community.
The land The opportunities
Spain is a beautiful country, with great landscapes and a fantastic weather. There is no wonder that so many people choose it for a holiday destination - now you can live at a holiday destination. Britons are glad and delighted to see the sun shine so many days a year, and they are sure to enjoy the beautiful environment. The most popular Spanish destinations are at the coast or the islands, including the Balearics and the Canary islands. There are many opportunities in Spain that are unavailable in the United Kingdom, even for professionals or college students. Over the past years, British professionals have been emigrating to Spain because they have more chances to get a job in their field - unemployment continues to decrease in Spain - and they are often better paid. There are also great chances for cultural exchange and education since Spain is home to some of the oldest universities in the world.





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