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Removals to Germany

Moving has never been an easy task, and moving abroad can be quite a hassle, especially if you are not acquainted with the place you are relocating to. It can also be exciting; the thrill of exploring new places and experiencing new cultures! However, all these emotions can be daunting, and it can be worse with lack of proper preparation. To get you started, here are a few tips.

Quick Tips for Moving To Germany

Relocating to Germany means that you need to be well acquainted with the laws governing your daily life from driving to education. The culture shock of moving to another country can also be stressful, which is why you need to know a few things.


German is not one of the easiest languages to master, so you might want to take a few classes before you relocate. The classes allow you to better know the culture of the natives as well as their way of life to make interactions easier.

Legal Documents

You will need a valid passport and a visa to get into the country. If you will be there for a short while, it is important that your passport remains valid till the end of the stay. If you are relocating to Germany permanently, you’ll be required to register at the local registry office within 14 days of arrival.


Once you are in Germany, you will be required to register with a Health Insurance Company, although it is your employer’s responsibility. However, if you will be self employed, you will sort that out by yourself.

Moving Around

You can always use a taxi, public transport – trains, metros, busses, or drive yourself around. However, being the country with big cities, a car can be a hindrance for lack of parking spaces. It would be better to use transport system.


German weather is seasonal, much like in the UK. Therefore, pack up the appropriate clothing and personal items when making the move. You don’t want to be caught unawares.

Removals to Germany

If this is your first time visiting or moving to Germany, you might not be aware of the country’s restrictions on what to bring with you when relocating. It is advisable to hire an experienced relocation agent to help you with the move. A one-stop-relocation-shop can handle all your needs, leaving you free to think about other important matters such assorting out financial matters (like insurance, mortgage etc) before leaving.

If you cannot find professional movers that can handle everything from packing to preparing legal documents, you can get professional services in packing, transport and storage. However, when packing, it is important to know what is allowed and the necessary permits for the items you bring along. For items such as electrical appliances, it is important to know that you can get complications with rewiring so be acquainted with household regulations.

If you are worried about moving with all your belongings, you can always talk to large removals companies who offer shipping and storage facilities. This service is most especially useful given the fact that furnished houses are quite common in Germany. This is because the country’s cities are now popular with short stay tenants who require furnished apartments. Therefore, temporary storage may come in handy.

Useful Tips to Remember

If you are moving from a fellow EU country into Germany, you need not get a visa, although you will require a valid passport. Non EU citizens will require a visa to get more than 90 days stay in Germany. The visa options will largely depend on the nature of your stay, and whether it is short or long term.

As a citizen of EU member country, you must also be in possession of EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which will help you get health benefits in any EU country including Germany. Non EU citizens will be required to provide proof of good health and valid health insurance.

Once you settle in Germany, you will be required to get a German tax card (which is also called a tax ID). This ID should be submitted to the employer for tax deduction purposes.

Once you are settled (within 7 days of moving into the country) you will be required to get a Registration Certificate. This is a document that document details such as your official address etc and can be obtained from your local authority offices.

Parting Shot

When moving to Germany, it is important to make prior arrangements well in time to avoid inconveniences and costly adjustments. Professional removals services can save you a great deal of hassle. Regardless of who handles your removals details, it is important to do your research on German legalities, customs, culture and other regulations to help you smoothly settle in.


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