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Removals To Luxembourg

An unconventional destination

Europe is full of interesting, rich and prosperous countries, and the flow of people and parcels between them is constant and abundant. We produce, manufacture and exchange millions of goods, and they must be transported across country borders daily. Also, people relocate or travel and they make use of the wide network of transportation lines that covers the whole continent.

Some countries appear amongst the most famous nations in the world and they are the most popular senders of merchandise and destinations for tourism and removals. As expected, these countries have a higher flow of people and goods. However, freight transportation in Europe is much wider than you could suspect. Many other nations daily ship or send off containers full of commodities and products, and people cross borders for many affairs. Some nations are rarely taken on account when thinking about European economy, but they are actually very prosperous, with high PPP and a stable economy. These become the target of few - but well informed - people who want to relocate there or establish businesses or trade relationships.

Some countries are forgotten or underestimated because they have a very small territory, but it doesn’t mean they can’t have a strong economy and a high level of life quality. One of these underrated countries is Luxembourg, a small nation located inland in Western Europe. Luxembourg has the highest PPP in the continent and a very strong economy which makes it the perfect target for some businesses and investment, and a good option to consider if you want to relocate to some European country.

Is Luxembourg easily accessible?

There is little point in having a very interesting and profitable destination if you don’t have the means to transport goods and people towards or from that place. Now, what about Luxembourg? Is it easy to access this country or do you have to hire extremely expensive special transport? Are you likely to send or receive parcels from there successfully, or will they be damaged or stranded midways?

Good news is that Luxembourg has a very developed, very modern and efficient network of roads and highways. It is very accessible from many countries of Europe, and it also has a national airline called Luxair. Road transport has reasonable prices and timing, so if you want to relocate to Luxembourg or send parcels there for any reason, it will be very easy for you. The roads of this country have been renewed in the last few years and now fast and safe transport is available for cargo trucks and other vehicles. 

What you need to know about freights and shipping

Luxembourg isn’t a common destination for freights, especially from destinations outside Europe. For that reason, it rarely appears in listings of logistics and shipping companies. However, some removals and freight companies are incorporating this country to their destinations. In example, our partner website , among many other countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

When shipping, moving or hiring a freight to Luxembourg, you have to take some things on account, which are important for any case no matter where you’d like to send things. First of all, you will need to hire a logistics company in order to get your parcels delivered to Luxembourg. This country has no sea coast, so you will need to hire an air freight, which is usually very expensive, or combine shipping with a cargo truck and prepare to wait for longer until your load reaches its destination.

There are many logistics companies and you need to choose one that is convenient for you. We suggest that you ask for quotations and search for reviews in the Internet and consider at the very least 3 different companies. You should visit some websites which compare freight prices and help you get the best deal.

Another thing that you should bear in mind is that certified companies are more reliable than those who haven’t been certified. The company that you hire should be a member of the European Freight Forwarders Association, which guarantees quality service and good deals. 

Last, but not least, your freight company should provide advice and information on all paperwork needed in order to deliver your parcels to Luxembourg. Some international regulations demand for certain sorts of load to be transported under very specific conditions in order to let them in the country, while in other cases particular goods require special paperwork so they can be allowed in the territory. You should also learn about tariffs and taxes which some articles have to pay. Remember that if you don’t to your paperwork or pay tariffs in term, your load could be returned back to the point of origin. 


I will definitely work with you guys again. Apart from the speed and efficiency with which you delivered the packages to our clients, your customer service was top-notch! You constantly updated us on the progress of the shipping, something we rarely got. Thank you
Elise Moran, CM Print Company, DRUMGUISH


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Thank you Dale Hanson team for your services! Our clients in USA were delighted to get the package within days and at such a good price. You are officially our logistics partners!
Andrew Morris, BC Designers, MAUD

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