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It is quite hard to create an environment that ensures that customers are involved and taken good care of. You will realize that most customers do not actually enjoy their services fully, and that most companies aren’t well aware of what they should do.

However, with DHL, things are different since it has an impressive list; top in the region. The company effectively delivers to customers the required goods, and has grown fast into a good source of reliable shipping services both internationally and locally. Please see to get acquainted with their services, rates, as well as offers and discounts.

So what makes DHL so successful? They may be good in every filed; a great site for recruitment, dedication to company social responsibility, incentives for customers, but so are other companies. What makes DHL unique is how it effectively it communicates the opinions of its customers to its team and implements their suggestions.

So how are other companies taking up this winning strategy?

The 5 DHL Tips To Better Customer Interactions

Consider Customer Feedback

You may understand what your customers need, but it is more important that you actually take up the suggestions and implement them. You should not just conduct surveys and then gather the results; you need to make sure that customers are really listened to and can see that you rectified their issues of concern where possible.

If you want your customers to feel listened to, your actions should be louder than your words. Note though, that you don’t have to implement all their suggestions; some customers may be quite outrageous.

Open Doors Policy for Clients

Most companies claim that they implement the open door rule, but how many really allow their customers to communicate with the top management should they have a concern? Other than just literally opening your doors for customers, you should make sure they are empowered and comfortable to voice their concerns and suggestions.

DHL is highly supportive of customer interaction with the company, with various channels of communicating their concerns or giving suggestions. There are anonymous suggestion boxes throughout the company premises, and there are sessions each month at the town-hall to review DHL’s progress and talk about the comments made as well as answer the questions asked.   

Development Matters

Nowadays, it is important to be focused on more than just the daily accomplishments; also focus on the future. After all, what the company wants are repeat customers. Therefore, you’ll find feedback loops for every stage of services offered. DHL’s customized in-house system of service management is also useful for customers in keeping track of their shipment.

Showing Gratitude

The words ‘thank you’ means a lot. Most companies do not get why they should acknowledge their customers; they think gratitude should be in monetary terms. However, customers may not need huge gestures; it is enough if you just publicly acknowledge them. Although discounts, free services such as redirection at no extra costs as well as free updates on the shipping progress are good gestures of appreciation.

DHL also motivates its employees so as to ensure the customers are well taken care of. It has a program dubbed ‘everyday heroes’ meant to celebrate and acknowledge long term employees as well as outstanding achievers. They give monthly awards to one member per department. The company does not look for material rewards, it offers money, certificates and trophies; they are enough motivation. The motivated employees are in a better position to serve clients with enthusiasm and professionalism. 

Have Clear Communications

You need to make sure customers are always in the know regarding significant details of their shipment. However, it is important to be careful of who and what to say. It is important to be transparent with customers at all costs. If there are delays that are beyond the company’s control it is important to communicate the same to the clients, especially when dealing with time-sensitive packages. This ensures that the client understands your position, as well as restores faith in your 


To contact DHL head office & customer services contact number is 0844 850 5513. You may wish to talk to us on certain issues. We are open to comments regarding the following issues:  suggestions, quotes or complaints on parcel tracking. If you wish to communicate with a certain person or extension, kindly be ready with the extension number so your call can be forwarded to that person. Kindly wait for the operator in case you do not have the extension number. We may record the calls for the sake of security and training. In case you find the lines busy, please leave your message or request that we call you back. UK call rates are applied, and higher costs apply for international calls. Kindly see the call costs in UK or send us an email.


I will definitely work with you guys again. Apart from the speed and efficiency with which you delivered the packages to our clients, your customer service was top-notch! You constantly updated us on the progress of the shipping, something we rarely got. Thank you
Elise Moran, CM Print Company, DRUMGUISH


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Thank you Dale Hanson team for your services! Our clients in USA were delighted to get the package within days and at such a good price. You are officially our logistics partners!
Andrew Morris, BC Designers, MAUD

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